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MicroBot Push app

Let’s you control directly your MicroBots

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MicroBot Push app - Getting started
Find MicroBot
Paired MicroBot
MicroBot page in Homescreen
MicroBot Push app
Pairing your MicroBots
  • To start pairing your MicroBots you need to:

    • Click on the “Pair now” button on the homescreen

    • Prota will start scanning the surrounding MicroBots

    • When a Prota successfully connects with a MicroBot, its name will blink in various colors. This color should match with the LED of this specific MicroBot, helping you locate the right one.

    • Press on the manual button of your MicroBot

    • Your MicroBot is now paired

MicroBot Push app
  • You can access to your paired MIcroBots through two interfaces:

    • The MicroBot shortcut in the top bar

    • The MicroBot app

  • Both ways will give you access to the same MicroBot app.

MicroBot Push app
MicroBot Push app
Main page
  • Here are the basic information you need to know about the main page of the app

    • The Push’s name and its background image

    • The button you need to press to activate the MicroBot

    • The battery left

    • How long MicroBot should hold pressing/pulling

    • Current mode of this MicroBot

    • Find here a tutorial on how to install it

    • Access through here the edit detail page

Push detail on MicroBot Push app
MicroBot Push app
Edit detail page
  • Here are the basic information you need to know about the edit detail page:

    • Rename your MicroBot

    • Click here to change its background image

    • Set up how long the MicroBot will hold pressing/pulling

    • Set up the calibration (the arm’s length, from 0 to 100%)

    • Select a mode between Normal (DOWN then UP), Invert (UP THEN DOWN) and Toggle (only one movement at a time)

    • Remove this MicroBot

How to reset my MicroBot?
  • Turn off the device by sliding the power switch away from the charging port.
  • Turn it back on. The LED should be blinking in red.
  • Touch the capacitive button on top immediately when it starts blinking red and hold for about 10 seconds until the LED starts blinking red rapidly.
  • Release, and the LED now should be blinking in blue.
  • It’s reset!
What are the LED status meanings?
BLINK BLUE - power on and unpaired
RED - Ready to reset
BLINKING RED - Reset complete.
BLINKING BLUE/ORANGE/PINK - Ready to pair. You just need to Press the capacitive button on its back.
GREEN - Pairing complete
BLINKING PINK - Paired but inactive. Happens when you exit the app.
How many MicroBots can I pair?
Currently, you can pair up to 8 to 10 MicroBots to one Prota. The soon-to-be-released Massive mode will allow an unlimited amount of MicroBots paired.
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