Prota Pi
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There are Frequently Asked Questions about Prota which is helpful when you use your Prota.
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Prota Pi
What you need
Prota Pi
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Prepare to go on a journey
Step1. What you need
  • Raspberry Pi*
  • SD card
  • Wi-Fi dongle**
  • Bluetooth dongle
  • USB Power cable
  • Prota OS is available for Raspberry Pi B, B+, 3.
    If you use Prota with Raspberry Pi 3, you don’t need external Wi-Fi and bluetooth dongles because both functionalities are already embedded.
  • Supported chipsets:
    • Raspberry Pi B, B+: RTL8192CU / RTL8188CU / RTL8188EU
    • Raspberry Pi 2: RTL8192CU / RTL8188CU
Prepare to go on a journey
Step2. Set up Prota Pi
  • Go
  • Choose your RPi version and download.
  • Burn the OS image into an SD card.
  • Connect Power cable to your RPi.
Prepare to go on a journey
Step3. Download Prota mobile app
  • The Prota mobile app* provides a convenient way to set up and access your Prota from anywhere, anytime.
android-google-play ios-app-store
  • Alternatively you can always access your Prota without the app by visiting to
step4. Find your Prota
  • Click
    button to start scanning for nearby Protas*.
  • Select a Prota to pair with your smartphone**.
  • The Prota mobile app uses Bluetooth to scan for nearby devices, so make sure your Raspberry Pi has a Bluetooth dongle. If you are using Raspberry Pi 3 — you can also utilize the built-in Bluetooth feature.

    You can also use only the ethernet, but in this case, to access your Prota you will need to find the exact IP address of your Prota and manually type it into a web browser.

  • Make sure that your phone and Prota are within the 13-15m range.

    If you still couldn’t connect to Prota, please see the next page.

If you can't find your Prota, try another way!
Prota mobile app is not yet the complete version which is compatible in all cases. Currently, if you have experienced any problems when you tried to configure Prota using the mobile app, please let us know on
  • (WiFi
    )AP mode
    ui-ssid If you don’t have a Bluetooth dongle, you won’t be able to pair Prota with your smartphone using the Prota mobile app. In this case you can use the AP mode to configure your Raspberry Pi.
    • Connect power cable to your RPi.
    • Find your Prota’s SSID from your WiFi-enabled device.
  • (Only LAN cable)Try local IP
    If you use a LAN cable with your Raspberry Pi, please find its local IP address. Use the address to access the Prota Configuration page.
  • (Android phone)AP mode / Try Local IP
    Currently, the Android version of Prota mobile app doesn’t support Bluetooth connection. If you are using Android, please use the AP mode to configure your Prota for the first time.
Step5. Connect to the Internet & register your email address
  • Select a Wi-Fi network* where you want to connect your Prota.
  • Please enter your email account.**
  • You may need to manually fill in the network SSID and password information.
  • Your email address will be associated with your Prota.
First Time Configuration
Step6. Receive activation email
  • Please make sure everything is entered correctly.
  • Click the Send Now button.*
  • Wait for an activation email to arrive and click the Activate Now** button once you’ve received the message.
  • It will take up to 3-5 minutes to receive the activation email. If you didn’t receive the email, please reboot your Prota and try again or consult
  • The activation link will expire within 12 hours. If the link has expired, please re-send an activation email by repeating the setup process.
First Time Configuration
Step7. Set your timezone
  • Select your timezone
First Time Configuration
Step8. Select your language
  • Choose your language*
  • Only English is available at the moment.
First Time Configuration
Step9. Set Prota name/password
  • Set name*.
  • Set password.
  • Your Prota name will appear in the Network (e.g. AP mode, host name, etc.)
First Time Configuration
Step10. It’s time to update!
  • Update your Prota to the lastest version.
  • Configuration will take 3 - 10 minutes. When it’s done, you will receive an email with the link to access your Prota.
Step11. Access your Prota
  • Find the access link in your inbox.
  • Visit Prota Homescreen.
Step12. How to view an app
  • Click on an app tile to view.
Step13. How to access from other devices
  • Click on the sharing button located at the top-right corner.
  • Send the access link either to yourself or any other email address.
  • Please do not share this link publicly unless you intend to do so. Your Prota can be accessed and controlled from anywhere using this link.
Step15. What is Cloud Access
Cloud Access is a method that you can use to access and operate your Prota over the Internet from anywhere. To use the service simply click on your unique Cloud Access link. Learn more details here.
Step16. Change WiFi
  • If you want to change your Wi-Fi network, go to “Network settings”.
  • Click “Change it to another*”.
  • If you want to connect your Prota to a Wi-Fi network with a hidden SSID, please click on the “join Other Network” button.
Step17. Update Prota
  • Check for new updates.
  • Select which Prota you want to update.
  • Start updating*.
  • You can check your update status at
  • Do not disconnect Prota from its power source while updating.
Enjoy your Prota Pi
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